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What are the precautions for WC powder

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WC power is the main raw material production of carbide, chemical formula WC. Full name of Wolfram Carbide, also translated as tungsten carbide black hexagonal crystals, metallic luster, hardness and diamond are similar, as a good conductor of electricity and heat. Tungsten carbide is insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid, soluble in nitric-hydrofluoric acid in mixed acids. Pure tungsten carbide are fragile, if mixed with small amounts of metals such as titanium, cobalt, and will be able to reduce brittleness. Tungsten carbide used as steel cutting tools, often adding titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, or mixtures of them, to improve the ability of blast-resistant. Chemical properties of tungsten carbide.
WC powder can cause bronchial inflammation, bronchial inflammation, atresia of Lichen bronchiolitis and emphysema. Tungsten carbide can cause lung cell proliferative response of lymphoid tissue and gradually harden. Blood vessel wall thickening and homogenization. Personnel working with tungsten carbide dust gastrointestinal disorders, kidney irritation, upper respiratory catarrhal inflammation occurs. The maximum allowable concentration for tungsten carbide 6mg/M3. In the United States of soluble compounds of tungsten (tungsten is counted as) the maximum permissible concentration for 1mg/M3, insoluble compounds of tungsten (tungsten dollars) for 5mg/M3.
Used to meet the requirements of respirators,dust-proof clothing, gloves and glasses. At all stages of production to prevent WC powder leakage.Workers to pre-employment medical examinations, should be inspected regularly once a year.Obvious symptoms of upper respiratory tract, to temporarily transfer, out of contact with the tungsten. When there is a hardening of the lung or respiratory function disorders, to be out of work. Should be stored in a cool, dry coffers, should pay attention to in the transport packaging intact, protected against rain and Sun.
Package storage:plastic bucket, lining of polyethylene plastic bag-sealing packaging, net weight of each bag must not exceed 50kg. On the outer drum "moisture" and "up," and so forth. Product should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse, should pay attention to in the transport packaging intact, protected against rain and Sun.
Index parameter  about WC powder

what are the precautions for wc powder quality control

  • all raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • every batch of product can be traced.
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