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four characteristics of thermal spraying powder

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 Thermal spray powder materials, in addition to coating beyond functional requirements should be met, must also meet the needs of spraying, which is uniform, smooth and stable transport in a Jet flame in order to guarantee stable quality, uniform thermal spray coatings. Therefore, shape, thermal spray powder particle size and particle size distribution, bulk density, fluidity and the basic characteristics of surface quality powder, is composed of important properties of thermal sprayed ceramics.

(1) the powder particle shape mainly refers to the geometry of a particle and its surface characteristics. Geometry can be measured using the ellipse spherical particles of the short axis and the axis of the axle ratio (statistic) to evaluate, high degree of ball, solid liquidity of powder, the better. Powder spheroidization not only with the atomization and atomization process parameters, with the chemical composition of the powder itself and, therefore, different kinds of powder also varies the degree of the ball, but should ensure the smooth uniform powder spraying process.
Detail: metal powder atomization method of thermal spray powder sometimes exist holes of varying sizes, some holes through to the surface, some holes closed in pellets. If not spraying properly, will have direct effects on the coating quality. Observation of such holes, usually by means of optical microscope. Surface is a surface color, smoothness, etc.
(2) the powder particle size. Powder grain degrees size and range of select main by spray process method and spray process specification parameter to determine, even powder grain degrees range same, but its grain degrees level composition of proportion does not necessarily same, for example: powder grain degrees although are in 125 μ m~50 μ m range within (-120 accounts ~+320 accounts) but which 100 μ m~125 μ m, and 80 μ m~100 μ m, and 50 μ m~80 μ m of three species different grain degrees level of powder by accounted for proportion not same. Powder particle size in the range and level of granularity composition on coating quality, powder apparent density and mobility have a direct impact.
(3) bulk density of powder. Powder when bulk density refers to the powder in a loose filling mass per unit volume. Powder and ball of powder apparent density degree, powder particles inside, hole size and quantity, powder particle size and other parameters, so it's also affects the quality of coating.
(4)powder liquid powder quantitative powder free flowing liquidity means the required aperture of the time required for standard Hopper, is usually caused by 50g spray powder through the aperture of the 2.5mm characterized the time needed for standard Hopper, it could influence the process of spraying and spraying efficiency.

Index parameter  

  LD200-3Y LD200-4Y LD200-6Y LD200-8Y LD200-10Y LD200-0Y
Y2O3(mol%) 3 4 6 8 10 0
The original particle size(nm) 100~200
Y2O3(wt%) 5.2±0.5 7.0±0.6 10.3±0.6 13.3±0.6 15.9±0.7 ---
Al2O3(wt%) ≤0.005
SiO2(wt%) ≤0.005
Fe2O3(wt%) ≤0.0015
Na2O(wt%) ≤0.018 ≤0.002 ≤0.018
900℃The specific surface area after calcination(m2/g) 8~15 5~8 5~10 5~15
Theoretical density
6.05 6.02 5.90 5.80 ---
Compressive strength
1200 1000 500 300 200 ---

four characteristics of thermal spraying powder quality control

  • all raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • every batch of product can be traced.
If you have any other question or inquiry of four characteristics of thermal spraying powder, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:  Mr.Jiang : Mobile: 0086-138-0806-0309 Tel: 0086-28-8555-5525-803

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