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cemented carbide anvil

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Why choose our cemented carbide anvil

  • We have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing cemented carbide anvil products
  • Ex-factory is at least 30% cheaper than you own native
  • The quality conforms to the international ISO standards ,the service life of the product is long
  • The various types of products are in stock,the production cycle is short delivery time is within 4 days
  • Free samples can be provided
  • Small orders can be acceptable
  • We can make it according to your requirements or drawings.,OEM or ODM is acceptable.

Customer samples and drawings are also welcomed!

Technical background for cemented carbide anvil

Cemented carbide anvil is static pressure ultrahigh pressure synthesis of artificial diamond and cubic boron nitride and the sintered body of key components of superhigh pressure devices and consumable materials. Synthetic time, need to the booster of anvil, temperature, pressure, heat preservation, cooling, step-down (unloading) program, such as time of 20 ~ 40 minutes, in the process of synthesis, the top surface of under ultrahigh pressure and high temperature a few baidu around 5.5 Gpa (synthetic temperature around 1500 ° C), the anvil is close to or even beyond material limit compressive stress, tensile stress, shear stress, thermal stress of low cycle fatigue stress. In cemented carbide products, the use environment of top hammer is the most flagrant, high standard for material comprehensive performance, organizational structure, for this kind of requirement for pore size solid product is low, less defect, therefore, the quality of anvil often represents the level of control in the production of cemented carbide enterprises; For ultrahigh pressure high temperature synthesis, and other raw materials of one-time consumption, compared to the cost of the top hammer hammer (life) is a variable cost, the economic benefit of synthetic diamond industry and the impact of labor productivity.
Carbide anvil in the stress condition of work determines the material it is made of must have a very high compressive strength, shear strength, hardness, elastic modulus, heat resistance, good tensile strength, impact resistance and other excellent physical and mechanical properties. According to the material of top hammer test, test and application research, top hammer general of cobalt content is 4% ~ 4%, selection of WC particles, and jin jing particle size of 1.2 mu ι ~ 1.6 mu of PI PI ι. National standard "for cemented carbide anvil and pressure cylinder" (GB/T 3456-1982) also showed the top hammer material of 0) 8%, 6%, 0) alloy (1:1.6 microns or less grain degree, microscopic decarburization are allowed.

Main properties

2-facet cemented carbide anvils as sintered
Type Dimensions
D H d h α R
DC235 83 76.5 35.5 47.75 60 25.4
DC242 111.2 88.5 42.5 51.4 60 24.5
DC260 145.5 107.5 60.5 65 50 30
Cemented carbide anvil of WC the average grain size was 0.8 ~ 1.2 microns, and the WC grain size largest 10 microns or less.

cemented carbide anvil quality control

  • all raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • every batch of product can be traced.
If you have any other question or inquiry of cemented carbide anvil, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:  Mr.Jiang : Mobile: 0086-138-0806-0309 Tel: 0086-28-8555-5525-803

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