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Tungsten Carbide Sheets

Chengdu WOCO carbide Industry Co.,Ltd

     which was established in the hometown of hard metal of China--- ChengDu city in Sichuan province. A professional Chinese manufacturer of tungsten carbide products such as drawing die,indexable inserts shims, drilling bits, drawing dies, cold forging dies, carbide bars, carbide rods, carbide balls, carbide burrs, etc. Along with our company growth, we hope to build business with more companies abroad

Why choose our tungsten carbide sheets

  • We have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing tungsten carbide sheets products
  • Ex-factory is at least 30% cheaper than you own native
  • The quality conforms to the international ISO standards ,the service life of the product is long
  • The various types of products are in stock,the production cycle is short delivery time is within 4 days
  • Free samples can be provided
  • Small orders can be acceptable
  • We can make it according to your requirements or drawings.,OEM or ODM is acceptable.

Customer samples and drawings are also welcomed!

Tungsten Carbide Sheets

WOCO tungsten carbide sheets feature

  • The purity of raw materials is more than 99.95%,impurity content is extremely low,physical
  • Model complete, according to user needs production of  various sizes of  the blade 
  • The cryogenic processing technology, the microstructure of internal sheet has improved, avoiding the carack in the plate cutting and forming process
  • Offer different standard tungsten carbide plates

WOCO tungsten carbide sheets grades

Grade OLD
ISO Grade WC% Co% Other% hardness density TRS MAJOR APPLICATION
10UF YG6X K10 93.1 6 0.9 94.2 14.8 4000 ultra fine grain size,suitable for cutting tools,wear resistance tools,medium impact tools,high impact tools,etc.
30UF YG10X K20-K30 91 8 1 93 14.4 4200 ultra fine grain size,suitable for cutting tools,wear resistance tools, medium impact tools,high impact tools,etc.
40UF YG12X K30-K40 86.9 12 1.1 92.8 14.1 4300 ultra fine grain size,suitable for machining of cast iron,heat resisting alloy,etc. suitable for wear resistance tools,medium impact tools,high impact tools ,etc.
10MF YG6X K10 93.85 6 0.15 93 14.9 2700 micro fine grain size,suitable for fine machining of nonferrous metal and wood tools,suitable for wear resistance tools,small impact tools etc.
30MF YG10X K20-K30 89.5 10 0.5 91.8 14.4 3500 micro fine grain size,suitable for wear resistance tools,medium impact tools,etc.
40MF YG13X K30-K40  86.5 13.5 -- 90.5 14 3500 micro fine grain size,reasonable hardness and strength,suitable for wood tools, etc.
05F YG6X K10 94 6 -- 92 14.95 2450 fine grain size,suitable for fine machining of nonferrous metal and wood tools,etc.
25M YG8 K30 92 8 -- 89.5 14.7 2750 medium grain size,suitable for wear resistance tools ,medium or small mining & engineering impact tools,etc.
40M YG12 K40 88 12 -- 89 14.4 3000 medium grain size,suitable for rough machining of nonferrous metal and other meduim impact tools.
10C YG6C -- 94 6 -- 89 14.95 2500 coarse grain size,suitable for small inpact mining tools,etc.
20C YG8C -- 92 8 -- 88.5 14.7 2700 coarse grain size,suitable for medium inpact mining tools,etc.
50C YG15C -- 85 15 -- 86 14 3100 coarse grain size,suitable for high inpact mining tools,etc.

tungsten carbide sheets quality control

  • all raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • every batch of product can be traced.
If you have any other question or inquiry of tungsten carbide sheets, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:  Mr.Jiang : Mobile: 0086-138-0806-0309 Tel: 0086-28-8555-5525-803

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