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42CrMo if alloy powder effects of abrasion resistance

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42 crmo matching with good strength and toughness and high fatigue strength, in the coal mining industry, often applied in the coal winning machine cutting tooth part. For more than 42 crmo manufacturing parts used in harsh environment,the complex stress environment,is often required to withstand high strength and high wear-resisting performance needs, so the hardness and wear resistance of improve the 42 crmo has very wide research prospects. In 42 crmo steel substrate surface, a layer of wear-resistant alloy cladding layer can not only keep the matrix of the original mechanical properties,and can greatly enhance the ability of the surface abrasion resistance,impact resistance,not only prolong the service life of the product, and save the materials, has a good economy. This experiment in 42 crmo steel surface coated by Fe55, SiC, Mn, fe, Cr iron of alloy powder,the heating of the medium frequency induction furnace, high hardness, high wear resistance of cladding layer. Experiment, the change in iron alloy powder in the SiC, Mn and Cr content of iron, the determination of cladding layer hardness and abrasion resistance, so as to get the best ratio of composition of alloy powder.
Using 42 crmo steel as substrate material, processed into first 30 mm x 50 mm round rods, and then respectively in 2 mm on both sides and work out groove depth 1 mm, 8 mm wide.Cladding materials mainly for Fe55 18 Cr, 4 (0.8 C, si, 14 ni, Fe) more than 3 b, for iron alloy powder, SiC, Mn (FeMn75) and Cr (FeCr50) of iron. This experiment USES the flux of each ingredient ratio of flux 431, cryolite, boron anhydride = 10:1.4:1, per 100 g Fe55 alloy powder and flux 10 g, 1.4 g and cryolite boron anhydride 1 g.Will weigh uniform fine powder grinding, with a moderate amount of sodium silicate mix after coating in the substrate groove, compaction and dry before they are dry. Add sample is fixed, the grooves in the intermediate frequency furnace coil center, electricity cladding experiment was carried out.After air cooling,eliminate surface slag, longitudinal cutting sample.
Composition of alloy powder, the biggest influence on cladding layer hardness for the amount of SiC,Cr iron times,Mn iron is minimal.When the addition amount of 4% ~ 4% Cr iron,hardness rise after the fall of first; Mn is 0% ~ 2% for the amount of iron, the hardness gradually rise; SiC addition amount of 1% ~ 5%,the hardness increases after first down. When Cr iron,fe and Mn content of SiC is respectively 8%, 2% and 3%, the highest cladding layer hardness,abrasion resistance is best.

42crmo if alloy powder effects of abrasion resistance quality control

  • all raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • every batch of product can be traced.
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